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Outstanding Engineering Alumni

James G. Musser
Mechanical Engineering B.S. 1957
President Knusaga Corporation

Although James G. Musser built a soap box derby racer when he was a child, he says his real fascination with automobiles began during his teenage years.† He fondly recalls his first car, a 1939 Ford Coupe. "I worked on it all the time," he says.

Jim began his career in the automotive industry immediately following graduation.† He worked for General Motors for three months before reporting for active military duty at the Detroit Arsenal, a fortuitous assignment that gave him the opportunity to learn about computers in addition to working on Army vehicles and tank suspensions.

Jim returned to GM in 1959 and transferred to Chevrolet the following year, where he worked as a reaearch engineer on experimental vehicles. † During the mid-1960ís, Jim served as GMís principal expert witness in the Corvair lawsuits, and his pioneering work in the filed of accident reconstruction helped GM win every case. Jim advanced through the ranks at Chevrolet and was named assistant chief engineer for GMís Chevrolet Division in 1968.

Since leaving Chevrolet in 1970, Jim has been involved in the start-up of several companies.† He first founded Rectrans, a motor home production company that merged with White Motor Corporation in 1971. † As vice president of engineering at White, Jim designed the companyís "New Family of Trucks" using common tool sets, an innovative concept that reduced tooling costs by about a third. Jimís next business venture was Cycom Corporation, where he developed-and later sold to Harley-Davidson-a computer system to streamline business operations at motorcycle shops. Jim is currently president of Knusaga Corporation, a company he founded in 1980 to design and produce seats for Chrysler minivans.

He is a member of the Penn State Alumni Association.

Jim and his wife Lorraine (Agí56) reside in Bloomfield Hills, MI. They have four children-Debbie, Greg, Jeff, and Liz - and six grandchildren.

Messages from Mechanical Engineering Alumni

Philippe Eghbal

Spring 1995
26 Rue Erlanger
75016 Paris FRANCE

I started working at GEC ALTHOMís European Gas Turbines SA. I am looking for a position as Project Leader or Project Manager in the fields of energy, transportation (rails, car, urban), aerospace and high tech.† I would appreciate hearing from Mechanical Engineering Alumni in France.

Klaus W. Sommerlatte

Generator NPI
GE Power Generation
Phone: (518) 385-8482
Fax: (518) 385-1131
General Electric Power Systems
Lead Professional Engineer
Generator Rotor Design Engineer and Chairman Generator Rotor Dynamics Technology Board

Kevin M. Meehan

BSME 1990
Kellogg Brown & Root92 MSME
Chief Systems Engineer and Integration Manager
Email:† or

Thanks to the guidance and encouragement received from Dr. Lamancusa (congratulations on your promotion!)† Iíve continued to pursue high-visibility, unique challenges, and owe much of my professional and personal success to him, as well as the other professors at Penn State, who knew that cultivating and encouraging whatís inside a person is as or more important than just providing a technical curriculum.† Thank you.

George H. Kennedy

BSME 1964
Dow AgroSciences
Plant Manager
Harbor Beach, MI
Retired 12/31/98 Relocated to
2781 Treasure Cay Lane
Sebring, FL 33872

Olayinka Dosunmu

Mobil Oil Nigeria
Logos, Nigeria

Vincent E. Ricevuto

BSME 1988
ATC Associates Inc.
Program Director

Working throughout the country with the Federal Services Group (primarily the US Postal Service), at ATC providing environmental compliance services and permitting for numerous USPS facilities.† Thanks to my BSME at Penn State, I have been able to advance my career and undertake another degree at Penn State Great Valley (Environmental Engineering).

Laurent Brognaux

MS 1995
Procter & Gamble
Project Engineer for Pringles Snacks
Greetings from Belgium!

Thomas C. Swihart III

BSME 1995
REDZONE Robotics, Inc.,
Pittsburgh, PA
Mechanical Design Engineer

Iím currently designing parts and mechanical systems for remotely operated robotic vehicles.† These robots are being sent into nuclear waste storage tanks as well as other hazardous areas to perform inspection and clean-up.

Mary Ann Rapp Bunn

BSME 1984
Siemens Westinghouse
Manager, Service Contracts

Gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Amanda Mae, on July 31, 1998. 7 pounds, 9 ounces, 21 inches long

W.A. (Bill) Janitor

BSME 1990
Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, MI
Senior Research Engineer
Vehicle Dynamics Testing, Advanced Vehicle Technology

Attending the University of Michigan for a MS degree in Engineering Management. I teach vehicle dynamics classes to other engineers in addition to conducting handling and steering research. Married to wife Karen in 1993, two sons Thomas and Patrick.

Barry G. McGinley

BSME 1989
17 Spindrift Court Apt. #4
Williamsville, NY 14221

Victor Bolze

BSME 1991
2323 Long Reach Drive Apt 7309
Sugar land, TX 77478
(281) 243-1888