Closing the Gap Honorees 2001

Individual: Lloyd E. Reuss

Lloyd E. Reuss is the former President of General Motors. Following his retirement in December 1992, Mr. Reuss contacted Focus: HOPE seeking a volunteer position. Almost immediately, his two day volunteer schedule became a five-day plus position. Since April 1993 Lloyd Reuss has served Focus: HOPE as Executive Dean of the Center for Advanced Technologies. He performs in this fulltime position without compensation.

Lloyd Reuss has been instrumental in recruiting other senior executives to volunteer at Focus: HOPE.

Mr. Reuss’ vast experience and position in the industry convinced corporations to bring contract work to Focus: HOPE the life-blood of the Center for Advanced Technologies.

His passion for the work and his knowledge of the industry allowed Lloyd Reuss to forge relationships between university and business partners for the benefit of Focus: HOPE students. As a result of his efforts, student/workers are eligible to receive associate to advanced degrees tuition-free.

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