Including Amendments as of 9-26-2008




Name:  The name of this organization shall be the “Cosworth Vega Owners Association”.  It shall be abbreviated as “CVOA”.


Purpose:  The purpose of this organization shall be to promote interest in the Chevrolet Cosworth Vega, to educate the membership and the general public about this automobile, to research and document the history of this automobile, to research, collect and provide problem diagnosis, repair, and restoration information, to manufacture parts or equipment needed to maintain or restore these cars, to provide a social structure for the owners of these cars, to encourage camaraderie and the sharing of information among owners, to host an annual convention to be called a Roundup, to provide for and encourage Regional Newsletters and a National Magazine, and to sponsor and maintain an official website. 



President:  An elected office which shall have general control and management of CVOA business and promotions.  The President shall head the Executive Council and, to insure that the Club operates efficiently and serves the membership effectively, shall make all necessary appointments and all necessary involuntary removals from positions within the CVOA with the consensus of the Executive Council.

Vice-President of Membership and Finance:  An elected office responsible for performing the duties of a membership director and a treasurer.  The membership duties and responsibilities of this Vice-President shall include accurate maintenance of all membership records, handling of all membership correspondence, and preparation and distribution of all membership promotional materials.  This Vice-President shall collect information on the Cosworth Vega automobiles of members and shall regularly forward such information to the Club Registrar and to the WebCrew for compilation.  The financial duties and responsibilities of this Vice-President shall include receiving and safeguarding all funds of the organization in an appropriate account, and receiving, approving and paying all appropriate bills and expenses of the Club.  Annually this Vice-President shall present separate Membership and Financial reports at the Directors’ Meeting at the Roundup. 

Vice-President of Merchandise Promotions:  An elected office responsible for maintaining the inventory of, and the sale of, CVOA memorabilia and merchandise.  This Vice President shall have primary responsibility for seeking out possible reproduction parts of value to the membership.  This Vice President shall send bi-monthly reports of all sales, and monies collected, to the President and to the Vice President of Membership and Finance, and shall provide a Merchandise and Promotions Sales and Inventory Report at the Directors’ Meeting at the Roundup.

Editor, Cosworth Vega Magazine:  An appointed position responsible for publishing a quarterly CVOA Magazine.

Cosworth Vega Registrar:  An appointed position responsible for maintaining a Registry containing information concerning all Cosworths known to the Club.  The Registry shall contain as much information as possible, including but not limited to dash numbers, VINs, options and colors.  The Registrar shall provide an electronic copy of the Registry to the President and the WebCrew upon request.  A hard copy shall be available for perusal at the Directors’ Meeting at the Roundup.

The WebCrew:  The CVOA website shall be designed, maintained, contented and improved by one or more appointed individuals (webmasters) who shall collectively be known as the WebCrew.

The Executive Council:  The Executive Council shall consist of the President, the VP of Membership and Finance, VP of Merchandise Promotions, the Magazine Editor, and a designated member of the WebCrew.  The Executive Council shall have the ultimate authority within the CVOA, and shall provide the President with instructions and guidance regarding CVOA matters generally and Club direction specifically.  In the event of a deadlock on any issue, the decision of the President shall control.

Regional Director:  An appointed position responsible for the organization and promotion of the CVOA on the local level.  Regional Directors shall publish a quarterly newsletter for their Region, and shall immediately provide a copy to the WebCrew, preferably in electronic format.  Regional Directors shall inform and remind members in their Region of their membership expiration dates.  Regional Directors shall represent their Region by voting on issues in person or by proxy at the annual Directors’ Meeting.

Technical Advisors:  Appointed positions filled by knowledgeable Cosworth Vega enthusiasts who commit to making themselves readily available to help CVOA members with Cosworth Vega related technical questions and problems.  This service will be at no charge to the membership.

Technical Advisors, Regional Directors, the Magazine Editor, members of the WebCrew and the Club Registrar shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the President with the consensus of the Executive Council, and shall retain their position until resignation or replacement by the President with the consensus of the Executive Council.



All members are encouraged to support their Officers, their Regional Directors, the Magazine Editor, and the WebCrew, with their input on CVOA direction, future elections, Roundups, Regional events, magazine articles, website content, and correspondence. 

  1. Membership fees shall be $30 per year/$75 per three years.  Fees can be changed by majority vote at the Directors’ Meeting, or during the year by a majority vote of the Executive Council.


  1. All membership inquiries shall receive a promotional package from the Vice President of Membership and Finance.  Included will be a membership form, an introduction letter about the CVOA with an encouragement to join, one issue of the Cosworth Vega Magazine, and a current Regional Newsletter from the prospective member’s Regional Director.  Contact information for the prospective member shall be provided promptly to the appropriate Regional Director.


  1. New members shall receive a CVOA information package that includes a copy of these bylaws, a copy of the Autocross Rules, a copy of the Concours Guidelines, a copy of the CVOA Policies and Procedures, a window decal, a jacket patch, a merchandise list, and a Login and Member ID providing access to the Members Only pages on the website. 


  1. All members shall receive all issues of the Cosworth Vega Magazine and all newsletters published in their Region during the term of their membership.


  1. Members who allow their membership to expire shall lose access privileges to the website and the right to purchase Club merchandise, and shall cease receiving the national magazine and Regional newsletters 30 days after expiration of their membership.


  1. A telephone listing of current members shall be made available to members for $4.00.  If a member does not want their name on this list, they must so inform the Club.


  1. Honorary Memberships shall be bestowed by majority vote at the annual Directors’ Meeting.  The announcement of this honor shall be published in the next issue of the Cosworth Vega Magazine.



  1. A national magazine, to be known as the Cosworth Vega Magazine, shall be published quarterly at a cost limited to $1500 per issue including all publication/postage fees.  This allowance shall be increased to $2000 per issue if color is used. (8-4-89)


  1. Contents of the Magazine shall be at the Editor’s discretion, except that the following shall be mandatory:


    1. A deadline for articles and advertisements for the following issue shall be included in each issue.


    1. The Membership and Financial reports of the Vice-President of Membership and Finance shall be published in the first issue following the Roundup.


    1. A current Merchandise list shall be published quarterly.


    1. Regional news and events shall be published quarterly (if available).


    1. President’s and Editor’s letters shall be published quarterly.


    1. The following disclaimer shall be published quarterly:  “The CVOA is not responsible for any advertised product and/or service.  However, reoccurrence of complaints may result in denial of advertising space.”


  1. Advertising Procedure:


    1. Business ads shall be $10 for less than half page ads, $25 for half page ads, $50 for full-page ads, and $110 for full-page insert ads.  These ads shall be prepaid and received by the Editor by issue deadline.


    1. Classified ads from CVOA members shall be limited to one free thirty-word ad per issue.  Additional thirty word ads for CVOA members shall be $5 per issue prepaid.  All classified ads must be received by the Editor by issue deadline.


    1. Classified ads for non-members shall be $15 for each thirty word ad prepaid and received by the Editor by issue deadline.


  1. Anyone with questions, technical bulletins, special interest Cosworths, or other related articles shall be encouraged to send letters and/or articles to the Magazine Editor.



  1. A Roundup shall be held once a year, preferably the first weekend in August.


  1. Recommended events include, but are not limited to:  Concours, Road Rally, and Speed Event.  A speed event is highly recommended but is not mandatory.  Awards shall be given to the top finishers in each class; the number of awards shall be at the discretion of the Roundup host.


  1. Concours and Autocross events are to be governed by the rules passed by the CVOA and any other rules that a governing body running the event (i.e. SCCA) might have in effect.

Individuals or Regions should submit a request to host a Roundup as early as practicable, but no later than one year prior to the requested year, in order to give the host/Region time to plan all activities.


  1. Roundup requests will be evaluated and approved or rejected at the annual Directors’ Meeting, or subsequently by the Executive Council if circumstances so require.  Approval shall be by majority vote.


  1. Hosting Regions/hosts are to budget their Roundup cost by setting the registration fee.  This fee shall cover expenses incurred as a result of the National Round-Up (Concours, Awards Banquet, trophies, Autocross, Saturday dinner, one continental breakfast, Guest Speaker, and Road Rally).


  1. Hosting Regions can set registration fees to make a profit for the Region to use as they wish.


  1. The CVOA will supply trophies in selected categories after consultation with Roundup Host on the awards that will be given out.


  1. It is recommended that there be a Guest Speaker at the Awards Banquet.


  1. A Registration count and final Roundup Financial Statement shall be submitted to the Executive Council promptly after the Roundup so a baseline cost can be compiled to help any future hosting Regions plan their events.  This record will be available from the President.



1.     A meeting of the Regional Directors and Executive Council shall be held at each Roundup at a time and place determined by the Roundup host, typically on Friday evening.  Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern.


2.     .All members of the Executive Council and all Regional Directors shall attend in person or by proxy and shall be entitled to a vote on all matters brought forward.  In the event of a tie vote on any issue, the vote of the President shall control.


3.     The Membership shall be invited to attend and to participate in discussions at the meeting, but shall not be entitled to vote on any motions.


4.     The President shall, three months prior to the Roundup, inquire of the Executive Council and Regional Directors whether there are any matters to be presented for discussion and voting at the Directors’ Meeting.  All submitted agenda items shall be distributed to all Executive Council Members and all Regional Directors no later than one month before the Directors’ Meeting to allow time for consideration and discussion.  This procedure is recommended, not mandatory.



  1. Nominations for elected positions must be received by the President by May 1st for publication in the 2nd Quarter issue of the CV Magazine.


  1. Elections shall take place annually at the Directors’ Meeting at the Roundup, and shall be decided by majority vote.  Members of the Executive Council and the Regional Directors shall have one vote either in person or by proxy.  If a voting official holds two positions, he will be allowed only one vote.  Contested elections for office(s) shall be conducted by secret ballot.


  1. Announcement of election results shall be at the Roundup Awards Banquet.



  1. Regional Directors shall be compensated for each quarterly Regional Newsletter that they publish.  They shall be reimbursed $1.25 per member (calculated using the current membership list) for the mailing of the newsletter to Regional members for up to four newsletters per year.  An additional $10.00 shall be provided annually to offset the cost of mailings to Tech Advisors/Directors/Executive Council/WebCrew.  The Vice-President of Membership and Finance shall be responsible for providing these funds to the Regional Directors.  The CVOA will not be responsible for funding more than four newsletters per year.  It will be up to the Regional Director to finance his/her newsletters if he/she plans to write more than four newsletters per year.


  1. The National Magazine shall be published quarterly and shall not exceed the set limit of $1500 per quarterly issue/$6000 total per year, or $2000 per issue/$8000 per year if color is used.



  1. These bylaws may be amended by majority vote at the annual Directors’ meeting at the Roundup.