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Two members of the Cosworth Vega Owners Association, Steve Larson and Chris Wheaton, maintain separate registries of Cosworth Vegas. They track, as best they can, the dash number, the VIN, the exterior and interior colors, and the options. Their records are maintained on a confidential basis.

The CVOA believes that a public registry would be of interest to its members. An inevitable topic of conversation whenever Cosworth owners get together, or whenever they are showing their cars, is "How many are left?" Until now one could hazard only the wildest of guesses.

Using the power of the Internet, the Club has, at long last, a way to gather information that might put a little precision into the answer to that question. Further, additional information can now be collected on Tonawanda engine numbers and EFI sticker numbers, something that has never been done before. These numbers may help establish that cars have indeed been scrapped, and may assist in determining what correlation, if any, exists between those numbers and the dash plaque numbers.

Help us with this project. Register your current car(s). Register any previous cars you have owned. Register your Tonawanda engine number and your EFI sticker number from the engine in your car, and register those numbers from any parts you have as spares.

For those with privacy concerns, please note that you will have the opportunity to designate as private any information that you provide. Such information will be included in the database but all personal identifying information will be stripped away.

Thanks for your help!