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The value of our conclusions is a function of the accuracy of the data you provide. Please help by making sure that all of your data is both accurate and complete. If you have come across additional information about a car or parts that you have registered, please take a moment to update our records.

  • To update your information, simply enter your Member ID below, click on the appropriate radio button, and click on VIEW/UPDATE MY REGISTRATIONS.
  • If you are updating a vehicle registration, the registration form with the information you provided will appear. Review the information for accuracy. If you need to/want to update it, click on the UPDATE button below the form.
  • If you want to review/update either your engine or EFI registry entries, a screen will appear with forms containing all the numbers that you have registered. Click on the update button below the form that you wish to modify to enable you to change/update the information.

  • Remember, you do not need to be a CVOA member to register or update your car, engine or EFI numbers. But if you are not yet a Member and want to enjoy the benefits of membership, click here to join online.

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