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Elgin High School, 1200 Maroon Drive, Elgin, Illinois 60120-8197

Noteworthy EHS graduates, listed in graduation order. They include: a Nobel Prize winner, a Pulitzer Prize winner, several captains of industry, great educators, and high achievers in the realm of the arts.

Names of noteworthy EHS graduates, in chronological order
Class ofGraduate and work
1876 Frederick Adams, inventor, novelist, reformer
1883Max Adler, vice-president of Sears & Roebuck, benefactor of Adler Planetarium
1896Junius Wood, newspaper foreign correspondent
1898Adolph M. Rovelstad, Latin professor, University of North Dakota
1901William LeBaron, playwright, movie producer
1901Jane Peterson, painter and artist
1906Calvin W. Brown, motion picture executive
1907Helen Miller Malloch, founder, National Federation of Press Women
1908Edna Geister, national recreation director of YWCA
1908Carleton Washburne, educator
1909Walter Sadler, railroad engineer, professor, mayor of Ann Arbor MI
1910Floyd Campbell, electric company executive
1911Arthur Herold, vice-president of Carnation Company
1912Frederick Baumann, history professor, Grinnell College
1912Dean Hills Mitchell, president, Northern Indiana Public Service Company
1915Walter Ansel, rear admiral in Navy
1915Jeffrey Metzel, rear admiral in Navy
1916Raymond Adams, English professor, University of North Carolina
1917Mildred Engelbrecht, bacteriologist, University of Alabama
1918Gail Dack, bacteriologist, authority on food poisoning
1920Raymond Glos, college dean, Miami University of Ohio
1920John Qualen, actor
1920Harold Wallace, credit bureau executive
1921Frank O'Beirne, admiral, member of Joint Chiefs of Staff
1922Trygve Rovelstad, sculptor
1923James Roche, president of General Motors
1924Joseph Canty, rear admiral in Navy
1925Doug Mills, basketball coach, University of Illinois
1925Emmet O'Beirne, naval aviator
1927Paul Flory, chemist, Nobel Prize winner (1974)
1931John Wesley Adams, foreign service, State Department
1931Howard Rovelstad, director of University of Maryland libraries
1932William Brandes, vice-president, Elgin Watch Company
1933Allen Britton, music professor, University of Michigan
1934William DeLancey, vice-president, Republic Steel
1934John Tobin, professor of medicine
1935Robert Geldmacher, CEO of Sundale Software Corporation
1935Alfred Kirkland, district judge
1935Everett Pryde, U.S. Department of Agriculture
1935William E. Rauschenberger, mayor of Elgin (1971-75)
1940Paul Scheele, hospital supply corporation executive
1940Richard Silliman, attorney for John Deere and Company
1943George Van De Voorde, mayor of Elgin (1987-95)
1943James Waggoner, physician in aerospace medicine
1944Jack Burmaster, Evanston High School basketball coach
1944Irving Rudolph, political science educator
1944Oliver Scheflow, mechanical engineer with NASA
1945Joseph Ladd, CEO of Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance
1945Earl Muetterties, research chemist for DuPont
1945Charles "Chick" Peterson, professor and artist
1946Ray Barnhart, federal highway administrator
1946James W. Gallagher, professor, Western Oregon University
1946Ben Jones III, entrepreneur
1946John Kramer, entomologist and educator
1946Thomas W. McBride, lawyer, part of Watergate prosecution team
1946John Mink, dental educator
1946Joseph F. Neil Jr., New York Stock Exchange executive
1946Charles Swanson, president of Encyclopaedia Britannica
1946?Jack Wentworth, business educator
1948Marshall Goldman, economist and educator
1948Earl Gomersall, marketing company executive
1948David Plath, anthropologist
1949?Otto Bauer, university administrator
1949Dietrich Bauer, microbiologist
1949Donald Kelley, historian
1949William Matchett, university dean and biochemist
1951Douglas Nash, investigator for NASA
1951John Teets, food service industry executive
1953Wesley Foell, energy and environmental scientist
1955Samuel Werner, physics and astronomy educator
1959Flynn Robinson, University of Wyoming and NBA player
1960Sara Melissa Hart, Miss Elgin 1962 and Tony-nominated Broadway actress
1960Margot Lee Spinker, Miss Photoflash 1963 and professional model
1960Pam Kirkland Jensen, judge in Kane County
1962Tom Shales, journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner (1988)
1963Allen M. Anderson, associate judge for Kane County, Illinois
1963Brian Oldfield, Olympic shot putter
1964Edward A. Schock, mayor of Elgin (1999-present)
1965Richard Hoover, Tony Award-winning production designer
1965David Kettner, restaurant entrepreneur, Perry's of Honolulu
1966James Kirkland, Illinois State Representative (1983-1992)
1969Daniel M. Brewbaker, composer
1969Rick Sund, vice-president of personnel, Detroit Pistons
1971Kristine Iverson, assistant secretary of labor, George W. Bush's cabinet
1971Deborah Lathen, chief of the Cable Services Bureau, Federal Communications Commission
1971Steven Rakow, science professor, president of the National Science Teachers Association (1998-1999)
1972Scott Zaeske, Fortune 500 entrepreneur
1973Jeff Wilkens, NBA player
1974Julie Kistler, romance novelist and president of Novelists, Inc.
1974Steve Rauschenberger, Illinois State Senator, 33rd District
1976George Lesieutre, aerospace engineering professor, Penn State University
1978Nina Burleigh, journalist and best-selling author
1983Reb Braddock, film director
1983Laura Ceron, actress

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