Cosworth Vega Photo Registry

Several folks (most notably Chris Wheaton and CVOA Registrar Steve Larson) are compiling and maintaining a Registry of Cosworth Vegas, attempting to keep track of each car as it moves from owner to owner, and logging in each that has moved on to that great highway in the sky. We are attempting to build a Registry at this site as well, in an effort to answer that perennial question, "How many are left?"

In the process we watched as cars regularly appeared on eBay, recognizing that this might be the last time anybody would see or hear of these cars. It occurred to us that it might be fun to do a Photo Registry, collecting images of each numbered Cosworth. Some that we have encountered, as you will see, are in horrible condition. Others, few in number, look just as they did when they drove off the showroom floor. The bulk are in that vast middle ground.

Cosworth Vega Photo Registry



Help us out with this Photo Registry project. Send us pictures of your Cosworth. You don't have to be a Member of the CVOA to have your car included. Indeed, you don't even need to be the owner of the car--so long as you can provide either the dash number or the VIN. Also, the photos don't have to be of the car. If you have an engine/engine block with the VIN, that will suffice!

We've made it simple. If you are a CVOA Member and know your Login and Member ID, click HERE.

If you are not yet a Member, then click here to join. , Or simply click HERE to upload photos of a Cosworth Vega without the necessity of joining the CVOA.

Thanks from the WebCrew.