From the President

Greetings to all Cosworth Vega enthusiasts from the President of the Cosworth Vega Owners Association.

I welcome you to the association dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Cosworth Vega!

My name is Shawn Parsons and I have been a Vega enthusiast since I got my first one when I started college and have owned one ever since. I am Active Duty military, which has given me the opportunity to live in many places, and experience many different car people. Iíve driven many miles in my travels and moved many times, each time taking my some or all of my fleet with me.

To share a bit of my personal automotive history, some of my favorite cars included one of my first, a used, 1975 plain Vega that I drove for 6 years until the Ohio rust destroyed the body but good maintenance kept the engine running till the end. I tend to keep cars for a long time and put many miles on them. Iíve put over 200K on three, a 1993 Saturn, a 2000 VW Passat, and a 2006 Acura TSX (and still possess the 2000 Passat and 2006 TSX). I currently maintain my fleet of about 10 vehicles, which includes two Cosworths, 0046 and 2100. I purchased my first Cosworth Vega in 1979. 2100 was a bank repossession that the bank manager was driving and parking next to where I worked. It was in rough shape, being abused by several owners before the bank. My brother further abused it by over-revving the engine and burning a bearing 600 miles later. I purchased 0046 from an AMC dealer who took it in on a trade and wanted to sell it very badly. It was actually the first Cosworth I ever saw and I knew the owner. Both have had their times of running and awaiting repairs. It seemed at one time I either had one running and the other not, and not until the last couple of years (2007) that I had both running at the same time.

Iíve been a CVOA member from almost the beginning, having joined after hearing from another Cosworth owner back in 1982. I missed out on the best part of being a club member, the Roundups until I went to my first in 1988. My attendance has been hit or miss, depending on where the Roundup was and what was going on at the time of the Roundup. I usually missed a Roundup due to moving to a new assignment, or being deployed. There was a time that I missed most of the 1990ís Roundups due to being in school. I have enjoyed every Roundup I attended, whether I brought a Cosworth or not. The cars bring us together but the people keep bringing us back. If you havenít been to a Roundup, I urge you to make every effort to be part of at least one in the future.

Before my period of being President, I was Regional Director for both Region 12 (Texas) and for Region 4 (Southeast) and currently am still Regional Director for Region 4, even though right now I am stationed away from the Region. So donít let geographical distance or area keep you from serving as a Regional Director. I get home enough to Region 4 to keep in touch with its members. My Cosworths are stored in my home in Georgia which keeps me part of that Region and thus Regional Director.

The Cosworth Vega Owners Association is dedicated to the preservation, maintenance, improvement, and promotion of the 1975/1976 Cosworth Vega automobile; the CVOA is the world's only organization that continues to research the history and technology of these rare and unique automobiles. We are constantly looking for and researching to find the history of all 3508 Cosworths made. The Association maintains a registry of known Cosworths and is constantly seeking information about each of them. Just keeping up with the current sales of Cosworths is hard enough, but finding them all, even though a task that will never be accomplished, is our ultimate goal.

Another goal is to make every effort to support current owners and future owners by continuing to supply technical information as well as advisors on the care and maintenance of our cars. Some of this is accomplished through technical bulletins, some with question and answer dialogue on a Yahoo! message board, and some with a variety of pages on this CVOA website. In addition the Club will continue to develop parts programs to supply many of the mechanical parts as well as some appearance items that have been obsoleted over the years and will encourage companies to continue to supply special services on rebuildable components.

The Cosworth Vega Magazine, published quarterly in hard copy, has been the main contact medium since the Clubís inception. Since practically all of our members have on-line access, this may be subject to change in the future as color versions are posted on the website (and they look great!) and the cost of producing the quarterly magazine keeps increasing. Iíd like to hear your thoughts on this matter.

In order for the CVOA to continue to be the voice for these endeavors it needs to remain a viable organization. Over the past few years our membership has continued to slowly shrink as cars are sold, cars disappear from neglect, and interest declines or changes to something else. We need to be more aggressive in notifying current members and new owners on the advantages of being a member of the Association. Many Cosworth Vegas are sold to new owners with no idea that the Association exists.

And most of all, we need to involve all our little gems in local and regional cars shows, autocrosses, parades, what-have-you, putting them in front of the public wherever possible. I believe we need to be more visible to the public as many times I have heard ďIíve heard of a Cosworth Vega, but I have never seen one.Ē After more than 40 years there is a whole generation of folks who have no first-hand experience with what makes the Cosworth Vega the unique automobile that it is.

I welcome any and all suggestions and comments about the CVOA and what the Club can do for you, its members, and your cars. If youíd like to contact me about anything, email me at

Iíll be involved and I want you to be as well.

Letís go Cosworthing!
Shawn I. Parsons