Online Roundup Registration - Roundup #39 - Lincoln, NE


To begin the online registration process, simply enter your Login ID and your Member ID below.  Then click the Go button. This will pre-fill out the Registration Form using your current member profile.  Then, complete the form by filling in the the rest of the information, including the number attending, your car info, and your Shirt order if any.

When you submit your registration, the website will validate the info, store the registration record, and provide you with payment options.  You may use PayPal (preferred) or optionally mail in your registration fee (mailing instructions are  provided).

If you cannot complete the registration for some reason, or do not want to complete it immediately, the system will save your information and retrieve it upon your next attempt to register.

Also, if you need to make any changes to your registration once submitted, just repeat the registration process. 

However, please note that we cannot issue PayPal or other refunds via the online registration system.

See you at the Roundup! 

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