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Submit photos of a Cosworth Vega car, or parts from a Cosworth for which either the dash number or the VIN is known. The photos can be of cars or parts in any condition. They can also be photos from various stages of a restoration, or of accident damage, or in a special locale. We are looking for variety and interest.

Feel free to upload as many photos as you have. We will accept 1 or 100 for inclusion in the Photo Registry. You don't need to own the car or parts to submit photos. Our goal is to compile a Photo Registry containing photos of every possible Cosworth Vega, so we need to grab them from any and every source! A photo of every Cosworth seems a daunting and likely impossible task we grant you, but we think it will be fun and worthwhile nonetheless.

Complete the Form on the next page to upload your photo(s). JPEG format only please, 4 x 6" max size, and less than 200KB per image as well. PLEASE rename (and if appropriate resize) your photos now, before you take the next step. Name them with the dash number (or alternately the VIN) and a -1, -2, -3 to distinguish each photo. As examples:

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