1. A Field Guide to the 
    Cosworth Vega's Electronic Fuel Injection

  2. Benchtop ATS/CTS Test Procedure and Equipment

  3. CC'ing The Combustion Chamber Volume of a 
    Cosworth Vega Four Valve Cylinder Head

  4. Homemade Injector Tester/Cleaner

  5. Free Those Camber Adjusters

  6. Clutch Cable Bracket For Firewall

  7. Adjustable Cam Sprocket Designs

    1. Chevrolet's Adjustable Cam Sprocket Design

    2. Tony Rish's Adjustable Cam Sprocket Design

    3. Chris Long's Adjustable Cam Sprocket Design

  8. Turbocharge your Cosworth Vega motor

    1. Mark Schwartz Presentation

    2. Tony Rish's Observations and Suggestions

  9. Make Your Own Cam Belt Tensioning Tool

  10. Weber Carburetors

    1. HME's Weber Manifold Fact Sheet

    2. HME's Inventory, Installation & Tuning Instructions (coming soon)

    3. HME's Detailed Installation Instructions

    4. HME's Weber Carburetor Tuning Guide Twin Carbureted Four Cylinder Engines

    5. HME's Seven Step Weber Tuning Guide

  11. How to Replace Your Cosworth Vega's In-Tank Fuel Pump

  12. Fabricate a Mandrel Bent Cat-Back Exhaust System

  13. Engineering Drawings, CNC Machining Files, and ProE Renditions of Unique Cosworth Vega Parts

    1. Cam Carrier Plate

    2. Clutch Cable Firewall Brace

    3. Header/Crossover Pipe Flange

  14. (Re)Install Your Skytrends Sky Roof
  15. Remove Your Door's Window Frame Trim
  16. Open Hood When Release Cable Is Broken
  17. Upgrade Your Rear View Mirror