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Check out Hot Rod Magazine's massive collection of incredibly in-depth Tech Articles at

Here's another important collection of tech articles that treat a wide variety of topics important to the Cosworth Vega owner:

Tech Info Collecting

Detailed data acquisition provides the knowledge base necessary to suggest changes that will improve engine performance. No company does more to provide high quality data acquisiton hardware and software at budget racer and enthusiast friendly prices than Audie Technology.Check out these products:

  • Cam Pro Plus
  • Flow Pro
  • Flow Quik
  • Valve Pro
  • Swirl Meter
  • Dynomation 4 Stroke
  • Dynomation 2 Stroke


Here's where to find a shop manual for your Cosworth.

Compression Ratio Calcs

Check out for an in-depth article on the subject.

A most comprehensive formula, one that includes the volume of the area around the piston and above the first piston ring in the calculations, is found at:  
(Ignore the erroneous inlet-cfm requirement calculation feature.)