We can now provide you with a virtual e-mail address in the form of:

This allows you to receive e-mail addressed in this fashion in an e-mailbox of your choice. This will generally be the e-mailbox of your primary ISP, but it can also be your Yahoo! or Hotmail or Google or other free mailbox. The rules in terms of the size of messages and attachments that you can receive are those of the ISP hosting the e-mailbox that you designate to receive your mail. You cannot use this virtual e-ddress to send e-mail.

How It Works

In simple terms, mail to the domain is routed to an e-mail forwarding service (, and that service forwards mail sent to your virtual (i.e. e-ddress to the mailbox you specify. We must manually configure this forwarding address, but after that it is all automatic. Here's an example: If your REAL e-ddress is, you can register a virtual e-mail address of Mail sent to that e-ddress will appear in your mailbox. has two globally redundant servers to ensure that your mail will always be delivered. This forwarding service is also SPAM and VIRUS protected, so, if you use proper precautions, you should NOT receive any junk mail to your e-ddress.

What Do I Have To Do?

To sign up for this virtual e-mail address, simply Update your Profile and enter a name for your virtual mailbox. Please allow at least a day for your new e-ddress to be activated--we have to do it manually. The name you choose can be anything you wish (in accordance with normal e-mail address special characters etc.), but cannot be a Yahoo or AOL name already in use by another Member--this isn't a race to see who can register a name first. As a suggestion, you may wish to use your If the virtual name you choose has already been taken, you will be notified by The WebCrew to pick another name.

Remember also that you can list your new e-ddress as the "ReplyTo" e-ddress in your e-mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.). Doing so will cause e-mail YOU send through your ISP to display your e-mail e-ddress as the "reply to" e-ddress.

Start impressing your car friends by activating your "yourhandle>" e-ddress today!