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Dynamic Drive

Roundup 35--San Antonio, TX
June 27, 28 and 29, 2014

Culled Photos (No mistakes here!)

Jeff Romeo's Roundup 35 Photos

Karol Seman's Roundup 35 Photos

Mark Rock's Roundup 35 Photos

Marlene Mark's Roundup 35 Photos



World's Fastest Production Cosworth Vega

148.445 mph run below

Video of the 148+ Run

156.818 2-way avg at Bonneville

Check out this Bonneville Article and photos.

Cosworth Center Stage
at GM's Famed
Heritage Center


The Inside Story

By Owner Mike Reed

Cosworth Vega Parts
Cross Reference Database

Over 1400 GM Part Numbers
Aftermarket Substitutes Included

Courtesy of
Brian Harpst & The WebCrew

Check it Out!

Jake Lippert's Vision

Is it the last one?

Never Titled Cosworth Discovered
by Mark A. Rock

Bob Slusarek's #0321

Check it Out
Use the MouseOver! Cosworth Vega Owners Association

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